7 Easy Steps to Lose Weight in Your Face

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There are all sorts of myths out there about how to lose weight. Some people think you have to go on a diet, others claim that exercise is the key, and some may tell you that neither of these things matter at all, it’s all genetics! However, in reality, losing weight comes down to two simple principles: creating an energy deficit and maintaining it over time. In other words, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Although reducing weight overall is recommended rather than spot reduction, below are 7 Easy steps to lose weight

7 easy steps to lose weight
7 Easy steps

1) Avoid Stress

As little as a single instance of stress can actually cause your body to produce more cortisol and insulin, two hormones that are proven to make you gain weight around your body. This is because when our bodies experience stress, it responds by releasing these two hormones. To avoid unnecessary weight gain due to stress, try relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation as part of 7 easy steps to lose weight. These methods can help lower production of cortisol and insulin. You should also keep up on your sleep schedule. A recent study found that adults who didn’t get enough sleep gained more weight than those who did.

2) Eat Right

A person’s face is a great example of how weight loss doesn’t always occur evenly over all parts of your body. If you’re overweight, losing a few pounds from your face could be as simple as losing those extra pounds from around your middle and thighs. In some cases, facial weight gain can be related to health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol or sleep apnea (i.e., breathing disruptions during sleep), which may need addressing by a doctor before any weight loss plan can begin. Drinking plenty of water and having consistent meals—as opposed to skipping meals or indulging in late-night munchies—will also help you maintain a healthy body composition that may ultimately lead to smooth, balanced weight loss across your entire frame.

3) Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep is related to weight gain and obesity. According to a recent study, adults who averaged five or fewer hours of sleep a night were significantly more likely to be obese than those averaging seven hours of shut-eye per night. Additionally, research has found that sleep deprivation can lead people to make more unhealthy food choices when given the opportunity. So make sure you’re getting plenty of zzz’s every night—at least seven if you want your face (and waistline) on fleek!

4) Exercise

It’s tough not to see your face when you look in a mirror. That’s why it’s so important for those who are looking to lose weight around their face specifically, or for anyone looking for general facial exercises, that they make exercise a big part of their routine. Try some yoga poses and pilates moves first and then move on to more intense exercises like push-ups, crunches and walking as resistance and cardiovascular training has been proven to help achieve weight loss. Remember, don’t overdo it!

5) Consult a Doctor

Overweight and obese are blanket terms that doctors don’t like to use. Instead, a doctor may refer to you as being overweight for your height. This means your body mass index (BMI) is higher than it should be for your height. It’s possible that you’re carrying around too much fat, but it’s also possible that you’re not getting enough exercise or eating a healthy diet. If your BMI is 30 or higher, consult with a doctor about how you can get on track with an exercise and weight-loss plan. Keep in mind that there are several different BMI calculations available, so it’s important that your doctor uses one based on your specific measurements and gender.

6) Try Acupuncture

Some studies have shown that acupuncture can help reduce pain, inflammation, and stress—all of which play a role in weight loss. The best part? It may be more affordable than you think. Treatments range from £5 to £30 for a 20-minute session, depending on your location. Find a certified acupuncturist near you here.

7) Self-massage and Facial Exercises

Run your fingers gently over your face, and concentrate on problem areas. Tilt your head back and feel how tense those muscles are. Don’t try to remove them (that would be painful), just let them soften a bit. It feels really good! Next, press your fingers into those trouble spots using firm pressure. You can use your other hand to feel where you’re applying pressure if you want, but it isn’t necessary. Just breathe deeply and let yourself relax a little bit more with each exhale; letting go of whatever stress or anxiety is tied up in that particular muscle group. How long? 10 minutes or so should do it!


And there you have it! 7 Easy steps to lose weight . for further reading on how to start Resistance and cardivasuclar training in the gym see Beginner’s Guide to the Gym for Office Workers

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